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You are looking for a roommate or a flatshare in Strasbourg, France ?
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We have the solution.

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We are private owners who offer furnished rooms for rent in Strasbourg, in apartments located in convenient locations chosen to make your life easier.

Thanks to our website, without intermediary, without agency fees, without commission, we offer you the best quality / price, by direct link to individuals.

Do not hesitate longer, save your money and rent your apartment with us !

Please find below the list of our students apartments in Strasbourg, you just have to click to see all details.

Flatshare Train Station

flatshare train station strasbourg

Martin Bucer Street

flatshare station train strasbourg

Déserte Street

Flatshare University Area – Esplanade

flatshre esplanade strasbourg

Stockholm Street

flatshare university strasbourg

Upsal Street

flatshare apartment strasbourg university

Rome Street

flatshare esplanade university strasbourg

Oslo Street

apartment strasbourg university 3

Boston Street

apartment strasbourg university 5 living room

Upsal Street

Flatshare City Center

flatshare city center strasbourg

Gustave Doré Street

flatshare place des halles strasbourg

Toussaint Street

Flatshare Illkirch Graffenstaden – Strasbourg Meinau

flatshare illkirch strasbourg

Flatshare Strasbourg Koenigshoffen

flatshare koenigshoffen strasbourg

Flatshare Lingolsheim Campus CESI

flatshare lingolsheim strasbourg

Flatshare Lingolsheim with Living room – 2 Bedrooms – near CESI

flatshare cesi lingolsheim strasbourg

You are interested in an apartment, a furnished room to rent in Strasbourg directly to private owners, how to do?

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Location of our students apartments

Because location is important when looking for a student apartment, we have selected different areas of the city among the most convenient for a student apartment, such as the Esplanade with the Universities right next door, the Krutenau and Neudorf close by, the City Center, the Train Station or even in the suburbs depending on your needs.

We have classified them here by neighborhood to facilitate the choice of the future roommate and better meet your search criteria.

Ps: to better visualize the location we have also included in each individual description of roommate the map of roommates in Strasbourg that corresponds to it.

Universities Area – Esplanade

colocation strasbourg quartier esplanade

The ideal area for any student, right next to the Universities, Faculties of Law, Economics, Sciences, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology etc…, the School of Management (EM), the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) and many others. You will also find the university restaurants, including the “Resto U Esplanade”, the “Resto U Gallia”, the “Resto U Paul Appell”, the national university library (BNU), in short the whole University Campus is there – because the list would be far too long.

Nearby are all the practical services, such as supermarkets, cafés, tobacconists, dry cleaners, hairdressers, the Post Office, Mac Donald’s restaurant, everything is easily accessible and present in the district. The Esplanade shopping center is emblematic and gathers a large number of shops, with the link that we have included in this paragraph for any details.

For travel, there are of course all the public transport services available and close by, including numerous bus lines, but also the tramway with its stop ‘Esplanade – Universités’ served by lines C or E. For example, you only need to cross the Krutenau district to be in the center of the city.

It is also very convenient to ride a bike, with the numerous bike paths set up by the City, and very present in and around the University Campus. You can also rent a bike with the City logo available in the different dedicated shops, the link is here : Vélhop !

You will have understood it is really the ideal District for its furnished student housing, in a few minutes on foot you are in class, you avoid any stress of schedule or displacement, while benefiting from all the comfort of the services available near.

Our roommates on site :

Stockholm Street

Upsal Street

Rome Street

Oslo Street

Boston Street

Train Station Area

colocation strasbourg quartier gare

Very practical if you come and go regularly by train, with the station accessible in a few moments by foot, you are in the right place!

You will be close to theSchool of Architecture – ENSAS, theSchool of Communication – EFAP or theHigher Institute of Applied Arts – LISAA as well as many other structures present in the district.

Of course, if you want to get around the city or to the Esplanade Campus, access is very easy with theentire streetcar network just a few steps away.

You will find all the practical services nearby, such as supermarkets, cafes, dry cleaners, hairdressers, the post office, Mac Donald’s restaurant, everything is easily accessible and present in the neighborhood.

It is also very convenient to travel by bike, with the many bike paths set up by the City, so by simply crossing the district of Krutenau you will directly access the Faculties and Universities

You can also rent a bike with the logo of the City available in the various dedicated shops, the link is here : Vélhop !

You will have understood it is an ideal District if the Station is a strategic place to come and leave by train, with your housing right next to it, it is very practical.

Our apartments on the spot :

Rue Martin Bucer

Rue Déserte

City Center Area

colocation strasbourg quartier centre ville

Ideal if you are looking for a student flat share in a central location: you are close to everything, with the advantages of the city center that we all know, its shops, its restaurants, its easy and quick access to transportation etc…

We also have a shared apartment ready to welcome you in the best conditions.

Our apartments on site :

Rue Gustave Doré

Rue Toussaint

Strasbourg Periphery area

colocation strasbourg quartier périphérie

Our roommates on the spot :

Illkirch Strasbourg Meinau

Strasbourg Koenigshoffen

Lingolsheim – South Strasbourg

You are interested in one of our apartments, how to do?

It’s easy and free, just leave us your email address to receive our application form :

How to find a roommate or flatshare in Strasbourg – the solutions


Flatsharing have become a real fashion and are creating a growing influx of students who are looking for a place to live, a furnished room and a shared living experience, often the first one, while being able to afford a home of a size and comfort that thanks to the flatsharing format is accessible.

It is therefore a very good choice and we will see how to find what you are looking for.

colocation strasbourg-coloc strasbourg-logement étudiant strasbourg

What kind of accommodation in Strasbourg ?

To start with, I would recommend you to define a ‘typical apartment’ that you are looking for, because a shared apartment needs a certain surface and a minimum number of rooms to exist; in principle 2 for a shared apartment, but it can go up to an apartment of 5 to 6 rooms, with multiple rooms, and male, female or mixed roommates.

It is thus necessary at first to target a typical apartment that you seek, with the number of rooms, the roommates with their number and their sex, because the atmosphere will not be the same one in a ‘girl’ roommate, that in a ‘guy’ roommate, or even mixed, which can be a good compromise.

To come back to the size, you must have your own idea on the subject because to find yourself in a spacious rooming house with 5 or 6 people that you have chosen at random would obviously be a bad option, especially if you feel better in a small group in an apartment with 2 or maximum 3 people…

Define your criterias

Even if today a good number of flatshares have correct equipment, it can be useful to fix your priorities in term of equipment, in your room to rent a double bed is it imperative, or a small bed can be enough? size of the cupboard, a library or not, a private bathroom? the type of internet access – if you need a high speed internet connection for your distance learning courses for example; the kitchen, yes but with what? You need a kitchen, yes but with what?, an oven or not, a washing machine is it essential, a bright room etc..

It is better to review your priorities so that you have all the elements in mind when you visit or choose your accommodation in Strasbourg.

Of course, the budget of your student housing will be a determining factor, but sometimes you can find a well located, well equipped room to rent for almost the same price, sometimes you have to pay a little more for your furnished room, but it can be more economical overall. I advise you not to target only cheap flatshares, you risk being disappointed when visiting, wasting your time, and moreover you expose yourself more to potential scams.

Moreover, be careful, you can be confronted with this type of situation if you target cheap flatshares on the site Le Bon Coin where false ads are posted to cash your deposit or reservation, on apartments that in reality do not exist, be careful

Let’s also remember in the criteria not to neglect for your student housing: the location, the location and the location.

If you go to the university every morning and you are in the neighborhood right next door, in 5 minutes on foot, it’s settled and no stress!

On the other hand, if you have to take the car, the train, the streetcar, the bus, the bike with 10 – 15 – 20 minutes, or even more from the distant neighborhood, it’s another story, and the stress will be present every day. It’s tiring, so paying a few extra euros for your furnished room, but being in the neighborhood right next to the University Campus such as the Esplanade, the Krutenau or Neudorf, is perhaps the winning bet to succeed in your year!

Make your selection

If you have done the previous steps, you already have a more precise idea of the student housing you are looking for, and this will avoid you wasting your time searching blindly in the ads, calling and visiting anything, anywhere.

A piece of advice: make a list of your priorities, the area that interests you, your requirements or your particular wishes for your apartment or furnished room, and you will be better armed to prepare your selection of apartments and select the ads that correspond to you.

Write down this information somewhere, phone, tablet, notepad, as you wish, but you must be able to consult it if you need to, and this always makes a serious and good impression, so only positive.

How present yourself

To be able to rent in Strasbourg your student accommodation, you should also know how to present yourself quickly, your profile, who you are, what you are studying, which business school, university or other, how long you plan to stay in the place, to be done orally or on a written support to be used during the visit meetings with the landlords or with the roommates already in place

Don’t forget that the owners and the roommates will have to validate your profile – and you personally – following the meeting or a sometimes short exchange that you had, so you have to know how to inspire confidence, be prepared, know how to present yourself and know what to say if you want to enter the roommate and have your place, that is something to prepare for!

Where to find your flatshare ?

In fact this is the easiest part, you can find almost everything on the Internet today, with a Google search on roommate offers, or room for rent, you will quickly find your happiness in all the sites and ads available.

So here are some simple tips and great addresses of sites that we recommend :

Le Bon Coin

the essential and free site Le Bon Coin . You can look for ‘Real Estate’ in the section ‘roommates’ which is there for that, with very varied and sometimes cheap offers. It is simple and effective.

Ps : be careful, it is reported on Le Bon Coin of the attempts of scams, especially if you target cheap roommates which turn out to be false ads, then be careful !

La Carte des colocs

also a free must-have. Register online on ‘La Carte des Coloc Strasbourg’ by filling out your profile and you will have access to all available offers.


A site that is rising and also proposes student housing, even if they are rather oriented towards Business Schools with partnerships in place.


Another well known site – Appartager Strasbourg, which you can also test.

Apartments Rentals Strasbourg

our website created by local individuals, to rent in Strasbourg directly, therefore without agency, without fees, apartements and furnished rooms, especially to students in Strasbourg


Also note the existence of many pages and Facebook groups dedicated to student housing, for example this one: Facebook – Flat Sharing Strasbourg


I don’t recommend you to visit all the websites because you might spend too much time on your screen, don’t forget that your priority is to find your flat share, this is done by phoning, by talking to the owners, the flat mates and by visiting the apartments.

So, not to make too long, good hunting, hoping that these advices will have helped you to see more clearly !

The Strasbourg Apartment Rental Team

You are interested in an apartment, a student accommodation to rent in Strasbourg by direct link to private owners, how to do ?

It’s easy and free, just leave us your email address to receive our application form :

Assistance for your student accommodation

aides colocations et logements étudiants a strasbourg

Every year, thousands of students leave their family home to gain their independence and live in their first student housing. Nevertheless, rent remains a major concern for most of you.

Indeed, often with low financial resources, students are a modest group of people who are often looking for cheap accommodation and are very concerned by social aid.

Fortunately, to help you with this expense, you can apply for housing assistance from the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF). The CAF of Strasbourg and the Department of Bas-Rhin allows you to benefit from either the Allocation Logement(ALS) or the APL (aide personnalisée au logement).
The housing subsidies of the CAF of Strasbourg are made for you!

The first aid (ALS) is reserved for social housing such as the university residences of the Crous Strasbourg. The second type of aid (APL) is for student apartments or rooms rented directly from a private individual.

These two types of aid allow you to receive a monthly allowance to pay your rent.

Since the last few years, the CAF services are entirely digitalized and the procedures are simplified with online access. You can make up your file online by scanning the requested documents and sending them in a wink. This is ideal to avoid wasting hours waiting at the local CAF office!

In our apartments, all students who apply for housing benefit from housing subsidies, depending on the income of the household to which they are attached.

Below are the contact details of the CAF of Strasbourg, if you have specific questions or a particular situation to consider it is better to contact them:

CAF de Strasbourg et du Bas-Rhin
18 rue de Berne
67092 Strasbourg Cedex

In addition to housing assistance, you can also apply for a student grant or a student loan to help you depending on your situation.

The student housing budget

For your information, the average budget for renting a student room in our apartments directly to a private individual is about 500 € per month; the price is indicated in our descriptions with details of the rent and charges.

With an average student rent of 500 Euros, the city of Strasbourg is only ranked 12th in terms of the cost of student life compared to other major French cities.

Now that you know everything, do not hesitate any longer, try the experience !

It’s easy and free, just leave us your email address to receive our application form :

Some frequently asked questions

Where is located this flatshare in Strasbourg ?

The flat is located less than 2 minutes walk from the Strasbourg train station, which is very convenient for your train access, the address is Rue Martin Bucer.

What are apartment’s main features ?

It is a spacious 75m2 apartment with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen open to the living room, a bathroom, a water point and a separate toilet.

How can I apply ?

You just have to go on ‘Contact’ page and fill in the online form in less than a minute to apply.

Do you have any other furnished rooms available ?

We offer student housing in different areas of Strasbourg: downtown, train station, Esplanade – near the Universities, depending on your needs.

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